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Mar 27

Toby’s Top Tune: Cactus - Day for Night

Jan 30

What’s better than Albert King? Albert King with SRV. My God this is worth checking out….

Jan 20

Wanted to find a good playlist full of riffage, and this is what was found! Excellent!

Jan 19

This a beautiful collection of live tracks

Jan 5
What happened to good song writing?

What happened to good song writing?

Dec 29

Country music and Jameson’s on the rocks, go hand in hand. Not that I’m drinking again now!

Dec 11

Some absolute belters on this album!

Dec 1

"There’s nothing more simple than the blues"

Oct 17

Yeah, my kinda song. Now just gimme Route 66 and we’ll cruise.

Oct 7

Checking this out, sounding real chill.

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